Olive Oil Exfoliating = Softest Skin You May Ever Have.

This recipe is a little messy. And a lot slippery. I like to use it in the shower, but I think if you have a septic (Or maybe it's if you DON'T have a septic?) it can be a problem. Sorry, I'm fifteen. I don't know much about that stuff. But I do know about getting super soft legs (My friends are constantly commenting on them).

What you'll need to moisturize:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (If you get acne on your body make sure it's extra virgin, so it won't clog your pores)

What you'll need to exfoliate:
Well, you get several choices on this. I used all of these, and they all work great.

1. Coffee grounds. This may have been my favorite, except that it can darken your skin. Dark legs and pale everywhere else? No thanks. I don't want to look dip-dyed. For just a few uses though, I definitely recommend this one. It also wakes your skin up. So your skin really does look great. You can also put coffee grounds on the bags under your eyes to make them go away. But again, don't do this often or it may darken them. That would go against the point.

2. Sugar. This won't darken or lighten your skin, which is good. But it can be a bit rough. You could get a finer sugar, or just rub more gently.

3. Salt. Similar to sugar, it won't darken or lighten skin. I think it's a bit gentler than sugar, but it may dry your skin out.

4. Sea salt. I haven't actually tried this with the olive oil, but I tried it on my face in a different mix and LOVED it. I was in a store and a woman was trying to sell me something, going on about the salt from the dead sea and how great it was. Okay, my sea salt's not from the dead sea. But it is sea salt. And probably my new favorite for exfoliation.

What to do:

Mix together your extra virgin olive oil with whatever thing(s) to exfoliate you picked above. When in the shower (After washing your face and hair, so that you don't make either of those oily, and after shaving so that you don't just wipe it right off) rub this all over your legs and wherever else you want to exfoliate/moisturize. You may want to take a spoon with you, because the mixture separates. Just give it a quick stir each time you take a bit to make sure you get the right amount of scrub and moisturizer. If you chose salt and/or sugar, you can just rub till it dissolves. If you chose coffee grounds, just rub till you think it's done it's job. If you'd like you could rub a little extra olive oil on afterwards, just to make sure it's totally moisturized. You don't really need to do that, though.
Rinse the excess off, but don't rub your legs until they feel normal. They will feel a little greasy...For now.
Get out of the shower, pat your legs dry with a towel (This should take away the greasy feeling), and you're done!

Tips: To take the oil off of your hands so you don't get it everywhere, try washing your hands with face wash. Since it's meant to take oil out of your skin, it works much better than simply washing them.

Add your favorite lotion after drying legs. If you don't want to bother, or you're running late, skipping this is fine. But when I tried moisturizing lotion after the exfoliation and the oil, I couldn't believe how soft my legs were. Seriously. I was amazed.

Be careful though, and remember that you will be standing in oil as it washes off your legs. This is VERY slippery. I don't want anyone slipping and falling. You could put one of those bath rugs on the floor. Or just watch your step. You could even sit down, if you'd like. Although I never found that necessary.

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