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Olive oil skin care recipes

Olive oil is widely use and its enormous versatility of use speaks volumes of its fantastic properties.

Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer. Unlike chemically enhanced lotions and moisturizes, olive oil coats the skin but doesn't leave a greasy residue. Skin is able to absorb it well and become smooth and supple. Olive oil is not known as an allergen, and as such, it is suitable for any type of skin, sensitive type included. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E which nourishes the skin and it is recommended for dry, cracked, peeling skin.

Used as a carrier oil, it is a base to which essential oils are added.

When buying olive oil, invest a few more dollars and buy the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. It is darker than others and it is richest in healing ingredients; it is the highest quality available. It is worth paying a bit more for it as most of the olive oil skin care recipes require the use of a couple of teaspoons or tablespoons, so a bottle should last you a while.

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Here is an overview and use of olive oil skin care recipes and remedies:

Cracked, dry feet
Olive oil is, as mentioned, a great moisturizer. When applied on feet, it softens the skin and leaves the feet wonderfully smooth.

Foot scrub
Foot soak
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Nails and cuticle care

Olive oil is known for its ability to strengthen and restore brittle and weak nails. Applying some oil a few times a week will make a huge difference.

Brittle nails
Nail care
Cuticle care

Lip care

If you have no time for anything else, apply some olive oil on your cracked, dry lips. For more extensive nourishment, check out:

Lip care
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Hair care

Olive oil does wonders for any type of hair. It is able to restore hair’s natural coating without leaving it greasy. It easily coats the hair shaft protecting it from damage. It can be used on any type of hair.

Natural hair care
Hair conditioner
Nourishing hair conditioner
Quick hair treatment
Dry hair
Dry hair conditioner
Dandruff home remedy

Body scrubs

Since it does not cause allergies and it is mild enough for any skin type, olive oil makes the perfect ingredient for preparation of body scrubs. Here are a few recipes:

Body scrub recipes
Homemade body scrub
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Facial care

The industry has recognized the great properties of olive oil and it is not unusual to see infomercials offering olive oil skin care products for hundreds of dollars. I do not see why you would not prepare something similar for a fraction of a price.

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Fruit face mask.

Olive oil and oily skin go great together. Olive oil does not leave greasy residue and it is great for moisturizing the oily skin but not adding excess oil to it.

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Olive oil has another interesting use in skin care recipes: it kills lice. This might come as a relief to some of you who have experienced a child infested with lice. No worries! Olive oil smothers lice and makes it easier for nits to slide down the hair. Olive oil is also a soothing and calming agent making it a perfect remedy for sunburn.

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