Peppermint - minty fresh way to invigorate body and mind

In aromatherapy and skin care recipes, peppermint is used to invigorate both the body and mind. Peppermint oil adds that extra boost needed to make the recipe very effective. It is known as a muscle relaxant and antiseptic and also proven to relieve headaches. It is however an irritant so be sure to test it on your skin before using any of the skin care recipes. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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  • Here is a good article that goes more in depth about peppermint and peppermint oil and its different uses.

    Peppermint Oil - Refresh Your Mind and Body

    You must have definitely heard about peppermint and even consumed it also as in chewing gums, candies, medicines etc. The uses are vast, but the benefits and advantages are still unknown to many. Many of us are rarely aware of this fact that the peppermint that we consume is actually a result of peppermint oil that is made from peppermint plant. Peppermint oil can influence your life in several ways and as a result it has become an indispensable part of aromatherapy.

    Peppermint oil is basically made from peppermint plant that is mostly found in central and southern Europe. Peppermint has a vast use in medical science and is regarded as the world’s oldest medicine.

    Peppermint oil like other spices and herbs has great medicinal properties. It has been used for years to clam digestion as it is an excellent digestive aid. Just a few drops in a glass of water make it a refreshing drink that has not only a good taste but also improves digestion. When consumed, it fights against upset stomachs, stops the growth of unnecessary bacteria and calms and relaxes the muscles. Peppermint oil abandons gas, bloating and abdominal cramps and increases the formation of digestive fluids.

    Peppermint has high menthol content and is thus used as a flavoring in tea, confectionery, chewing gum, toothpaste, ice-cream etc. The moment you inhale the mint, you feel a cool breathe through your nasal that calms the smooth muscles of stomach, intestines and uterus.

    Peppermint also has analgesic properties. That means it can also relieve you from pain and aches. You can also find peppermint oil in soaps, shampoos, body massage oil, creams, lotions and body gel etc. that give you a minty scent and produce a cooling agent that soothes your mind and body.

    After knowing the benefits of peppermint oil, its time now to try it. Are you wondering how can you get cheap and good quality peppermint oil? Do not worry. You have the easiest and the most convenient way to buy i.e. internet. There are a number of online shops where you can get lots of new variety of peppermint oil and its products. Visit websites and you will definitely find your product with the best price. Also you need not worry about the delivery of these goods as they are delivered in a very short time and in some cases you may also not be charged any shipping costs. So why to rethink anymore, buy pure and fresh peppermint oil online and set your mind cool.

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