Pimples spots

by Munaza

Hello, nice to see your good advices. My problem is that I have tan complexion and spots of pimples on my face. These spots are black in color. How can I get rid of these spots? What can I do to have fair complexion and is there anything to shrink back the open pours? Thanks!

Dear Munaza:

I recently had the most amazing facial with all natural products at a spa on Maui and after lots of steam, and facial masks the facialist was able to gently remove my black heads mostly on my nose. The use on steam is key to opening up your pours to cleanse the skin then using toners that will enable the pours to tighten. Seek out a day spa in your area that uses organic pure products and give it a try. You will have to go several times before you see results. And please check your diet and drink plenty of water. (I sound like a broken record but that is essential).

Nili Nathan

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Apr 19, 2012
Cheap acne cure,
by: Anonymous

Lava soap. Plain old lava soap...if your skin is not too sensitive..its amazing. My son had remarkable results, as he is much too lazy to try to keep up with a 3 step system. Just use it in shower, again before sleeping.

Another is coconut oil, best prices on amazon..extra virgin coconut oil..excellent moisturizer, scar remover and more.
Good luck..everyone is diffetent hope one works for u.

Mar 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

hi everyone i don't have pimples right now,but i do have blackheads.what if you can't afford a spa, is there another option?
because not everybody have money.... how about helping the poorer people...they can have beautiful skin too you know!!!!!!1

Just do a search for blackheads here on the site, there are many pages that cover the topic.
Hope this helps,

Aug 21, 2009
skin spots
by: cheryl

Hi there! i have fair complexion, but awhile ago the pimple problem have been hitting on me. the pimples are gone now, but many of them left behind obvious spots (they are flat though). on top of that, as i have a fair complexion, the red spots are obvious and i cant leave my house without any foundation on! is there any suggestions to treat these spots? i've heard of this chemical renewal treatment. does it work?

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