Recipes for facial masks - 5 videos of easy homemade facial recipes

I love finding new recipes for facial masks. It is always fun for me to see how others prepare their homemade facial recipes because it is a sure way I will find something I will want to try out.

There are so many videos homemade facial mask recipes preparation that it took me a while to narrow the list down to 5. Some of these videos are quite entertaining, others not so much but they all have one thing in common: the recipes for facial masks in them are simple.

Banana facial mask

As easy as mixing up a couple of bananas and honey. There is already a honey banana facial mask on this site but in addition to the mask, it also provides a honey tonic recipe.

Fresh aloe mask for irritated skin

While majority of aloe vera mask recipes ask for aloe gel, this recipe is different in that it uses fresh aloe leaf. I saw aloe leaves for sale at a local Publix so I am sure a fresh produce store will have it.

Egg white face mask

Unlike the egg white facial on this site, this recipe adds yogurt to the mix and optionally honey. Seems like a great refreshing mask.

Green tea acne mask

Filled with anti-oxidants, green tea skin recipes fight off the free radicals that damage the skin and revert or diminish the aging process.

This mask mixes ground green tea, flour and water.

Revitalizing cucumber mint for puffy eyes

Similar to puffiness under eye recipes with the exception of mint leaves and egg white. Mint revitalizes the skin and egg white acts as an astringent, tightening the skin.

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