Itchy, red and swollen eyes - healing red eye remedies

Red eye remedies are different from puffiness under eye remedies as they treat the dryness of the eye as oppose to puffy eyes remedies that try to remove the excess liquid in order to decrease swelling.

Sclera or the white of the eye is quite stern and resistant to environmental influences.

However, sometimes, even the slightest strain can cause redness and blood vessels visibility.

red eye remedies

There are a few remedies that might be helpful:

Get some rest/sleep

One of the most common cause is eyes being overused. Whether you are reading a book or working on your computer, the result is the same. Try resting properly. Sleep does good not only to our mind but our eyes too. Eyes hydrate during sleep, recovering the natural watery layer.

Eye drops to be used sparingly

Eye drops are a good way to treat the dryness. One thing is a downside to their use: redness comes back after a couple of hours and it is usually even worse than the original state. Don't use them too often.

Artificial tears

Artficial tears are now available at any pharmacy store. Unlike the eye drops, they don't shrink the blood vessels temporarily solving the problem, they actually keep your eyes moist for a longer period of time.

Cold compress

Same with puffy eyes where the cold and wetness combined reduce the swelling, cold compress or wet, cold washcloth applied on the eyes constricts the blood vessels thus reducing the redness.

These tips are applicable in case when you don't have an ongoing or seasonal allergy. For allergies, see a doctor.


Eye redness is acceptable if it is on the white of the eye. If you notice that your pupils are covered in blood, see a doctor as soon as possible as this might be a sign of serious medical condition.

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