Our readers' tips - Tips to reduce face swelling and puffiness

Rachel sent us one of the best tips to reduce face swelling and puffiness that appears when pimples are gone but you just can't stop examining the results ;)

If you are like me, then you know what I am talking about. Picking your face, squeezing, rubbing... all those things increase the chance of face swelling and puffiness appearing, and also a chance of an infection. To help you with that, here's a tip:

For people that just can't stop picking at their face.

Popping zits causes scarring and develops big, red spots that more noticeable then before. Here is something that can help reduce redness and make the infected zit disappear in shorter time. *After washing your face and applying a moisturizer, put some ice on the inflamed (puffy) spots. This will reduce the swelling and will cause the pimple to disappear faster. I use a knee ice pack, because it bends and fits on my whole face. You should leave the pack on your face for 15-25 minutes, occasionally taking it off for a few seconds.

If you're not the "bigger picker" then all you have to do is get an ice cube or two and stick it in a sandwich baggie. The swelling will go down within the hour and usually (if you don't pick at it again) will be practically gone!

Thanks Rachel!

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