Removal of facial blackheads

by Becca McMillan
(Terry, Ms. USA)

A trick my great grandmother taught me for removal of facial blackheads. Everyone hates blackheads and if you are like me, your pores might be slightly big and you think everyone can see the blackheads.

To remove blackheads on your nose or chin crack an egg (you can use the egg for whatever you desire), but don't throw away that egg shell! Carefully peel the plasma off the inside of the egg shell and apply the plasma where you have blackheads (make sure your skin is dry). Make sure you stretch the plasma very tightly over the skin without breaking the plasma. The tighter you have it stretched on the skin, the more successful it will be. The nose is especially tricky in putting it on very tight over the skin but you can do it! Let the the plasma dry completely and once it has dried, peel it off. It won't remove the blackheads deep in the skin but it will remove blackheads very close to the top of your skin.

Please don't use this if your skin is broken out, I don't know what it will do but it may irritate your skin if it's already broken out. It is almost as effective as the nose strips you buy, except cheaper and you can use the egg for anything so you don't waste it.

I hope this works for you all as it does for me.

P.S. You can also do this if you get a stinger stuck in you, before you get those tweezers and dig it out, you can apply plasma from the egg and if it's not too deep, it will pull it out and also soothe the skin around the sting. Just do as you would a blackhead. Apply to stinger, let dry, and peel.

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