Removing hair dye from skin - Simple tips for hair dye removal

Removing hair dye from skin, removing black dye in particular, is something I have to deal with every time I dye my hair.

If a person dyeing your hair is as generous with hair dye application like a friend of mine is, you know how painstaking hair dye removal is.

Yes, this is me. I love black hair! Yes, it looks like it should but what you do not see is me scrubbing the skin off my head trying to remove it. removing hair dye from skinOver the years, I have learned a few tricks I apply every time.


The simplest thing to do is to apply Vaseline generously along the hair lining, including your neck, behind ears and anywhere where there is a possibility hair dye will touch the skin before you start dyeing your hair. If you do not have Vaseline, use any greasy cream you can find. Just make sure you apply lots of it.

Removing hair dye from skin

If you do end up with dye on your skin, you will probably have to spend some time scrubbing it off.

  • Shampooing hair a few more times will help.
  • Using cotton balls, dip them in baby oil or a greasy cream and start with hair dye removal by gently scrubbing the skin.
  • I personally use acetone (nail polish remover) for removing black hair dye. One thing you have to be mindful of is that your skin is not prone to irritation. Apply some on the inside of your arm and see if you get any reaction. If there is redness or itching, do not use it. Acetone does not irritate my skin so I am free to scrub away dye residue. I also use it on my hands, neck, shoulders (thanks to my sloppy friend I end up with extra stains and I am not sure how she does it!). After that, apply cream to moisturize the skin.
  • Vinegar is also very good for removing hair dye from skin. It is acidic and acts by sloughing off dead skin cells and letting new ones emerge. It cleanses the skin very well.
  • Toothpaste: using a cotton ball apply toothpaste along the hair lining gently scrubbing the whole time.
  • Another ingredient is effective: cigarette ash. Yes, it sounds yucky, but it really does remove hair dye. Dip a cotton ball in cigarette ash and scrub the skin.
  • I never tried bleach for removing black hair dye. Bleach irritates my skin so am not even going to attempt applying it on my head. Also, applying hair dye to remove hair dye makes no sense to me, so I leave it up to you to decide what you are going to use.
  • In case you want readily available alternative, look into getting commercially available hair color stain removal pads. These pads, such as King DY-Zoff Pads, come in a container and with 80 of them in it, they can be kept fresh and used for numerous hair dyeing sessions.
  • One thing to remember: whether you use commercial products or use an ingredient you have at home, make sure you start removing hair dye from skin as soon as you are done washing your hair. Otherwise, hair dye will penetrate the skin and although it will eventually disappear, it will be more difficult and time consuming. And also, do not scrub too hard, it will irritate the skin.

    The great thing about these tips is that they can be used to remove hair dye even if your hair is treated with homemade hair dye.

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