by Lydia

I recently used an all organic shampoo and conditioner I bought at Sephora. I had high hopes for the band as the sales woman said it would be good for my thick curly hair. I used it that night and fell asleep with my hair wet. I woke up the next morning to greasy, stringy hair that looked like I had not washed it in three months. I did what I could with it since I had to leave but all day felt unnerved and conscious of my hair. I came home and rewashed, thinking that maybe my low pressure shower had not been able to wash out all the product and that was the reason for the greasiness. Despite scrubbing and scrubbing the next morning my hair was still limp and oily. The next day I used a travel sized shampoo bottle I had from a recent hotel stay to see if it was the organic shampoo making my hair feel so dingy. After using the hotel shampoo my hair felt better and no longer looked unwashed. I quickly returned the organic shampoo and plan to simply go organic for food, not my hair care.

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