Skin peeling sunburn remedies

Skin peeling sunburn remedies found on this page have saved my skin so many times, I can't even count! I make them or use them every time my skin is about to peel or has been already peeling.

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I avoid spending much time outside in the summer. After all, I live in Georgia where I am guaranteed to experience skin decay of some sorts one time or another.

However, I do like the suntan and I do venture out from time to time and get burned. Every single time! As much as I like the final result of darkened skin, I hate going through sunburn and its side effects. And the worst one of them all, you guessed it - sunburn peeling.

Sunburn peeling really doesn't look appealing. It itches, it is red and tender, and the peeling skin flakes make the whole process unattractive.

The skin peels after a sunburn because the upper layer of the skin is literally cooked. When the new skin cells start emerging, they push up and force the old, sun damaged skin to crack and peel away allowing the new skin to show.

Skin peeling sunburn remedies

Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes skin healing and skin health in general. You can use Vitamin E capsules by breaking them and applying the jelly-like substance on smaller area where the skin is peeling. If larger areas are affected, apply a Vitamin-E based cream.

Larger stores, such as WalMart, carry Vitamin E oil. The bottle is inexpensive and lasts quite some time. Apply the oil and let the skin soak it in; rinse with warm water and pat dry.


As tasty as it is, watermelon is great for preventing sunburn peeling.

Put some watermelon in the fridge and let it cool down. Take a slice and gently slide it over the affected area.

Watermelon is filled with malic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid known that will prevent the skin from peeling and also help it heal faster. In addition to this, its cooling effect feels wonderful on hot, burning skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural moisturizing and healing agent. It is available in any better store and is pretty cheap. Slather as much as you want. It will cool the skin down and nourish the dried out skin.


While I discourage the use of vinegar in its pure form on a sunburn. I especially discourage its use when there are blisters or the skin has suffered severe burn. However, some people swear by vinegar-water solution applied on the skin. You can mix water with a bit of vinegar (apple cider), make sure it is really diluted. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the skin.

Practical skin peeling sunburn tips

Wash cloth - no loofah

Using a good quality cotton cloth is a good idea. Soak in the tun a bit or under a shower... gently rub the skin. Loofah can be too coarse sometimes and the last thing you need when the skin is peeling is to irritate it even more.

Pat dry, don't rub

Although you might be tempted to rub away the peeling skin, don't! Gently pat dry the skin and apply a generous amount of moisturizer.

Avoid hot baths and showers

Exposure to hot water might dry out the skin. Avoid taking hot baths and showers and go with lukewarm to cold water.

Before you have to apply skin peeling sunburn remedies, I recommend you check out some of the sunburn relief remedies. They will help you get over the initial burning sensation and pain and help the skin calm down.

Sunburn peeling is accompanied by sunburn itch and scratching the skin makes it worse. Check out some natural sunburn itch remedies.

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