Strawberry mask

by Jess

Strawberry mask

Strawberry mask

1/2 cup of strawberry
1/4 cornstarch.

Mix strawberries and cornstarch together to make a paste. Apply to face. Leave for 30 minute rinse off with cool water.

Thanks for the recipe Jess!

Here's the thing about strawberries: they are incredible cleansers. Acting as an antiseptic, they are best suited for oily, problem, inflammation prone skin.

To make it into that type of mask, simply add honey to it. Honey is also an anti-inflammatory agent, and together, they cleanse as well as add moisture.

To make it into a mask for a dry skin type, add some avocado to it and/or olive oil.

If your skin is of normal type, you could add a banana for example.

There is great variety of strawberry mask recipes. For more strawberry face masks, check out strawberry blemish mask.

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