White sugar body scrub

My love for sugar body scrub recipes is is evidenced by multitude of recipes throughout this site.

I admit I absolutely love body scrub recipes. They are dirt cheap (excuse the pun!) and leave the skin cleansed and soft and simply wonderful. Brown sugar is mostly used for scrubs, but this time, Lorie sent us a recipe that calls for white (regular) sugar use.

sugar body scrubSugar Scrub for any occasion

I have a recipe for a simple, cost effective sugar scrub that can be altered to make your own custom sugar scrub.


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup sugar
3-5 drops of any scented extract for the desired fragrance.


Mix, and let it refrigerate for 2 hours.
Mix well again, and use on your face, hands, arms, and body to gently exfoliate.

This recipe is gentle enough to be used every day.

Now, here's the fun part!

You can choose so many different options that it makes this sugar scrub the best, especially considering how inexpensive it is to make! Choose brown sugar for a very soft, very gentle scrub. This is good for a first-time sugar scrub for teenage girls, as it will exfoliate without being to harsh. Choose granulated sugar for a slightly more invigorating scrub. This is more ideal for people who have skin issues, as it really gets your pores clean. Choose raw sugar for a more thorough clean, which is perfect for a deep cleansing.

Now, when it comes to adding fragrance, go with your personality. Choose sandalwood for a nice, natural fragrance. Choose lavender for a more relaxing fragrance. Choose peppermint oil to bring a fresh, rejuvenated feel to your skin.

Note: Using raw sugar with the peppermint oil makes a great sugar scrub for those tough parts of your feet.

Thanks Lorie!

In case you are interested what each oil does what, check out a list of most commonly used essential oils.

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