Tension relief hand massage

Tension relief hand massage is a wonderful way to channel all the tension accumulated during the day out of the body. Combined with different massage therapy techniques, this massage is guaranteed to alleviate stress.

Which oil to use? What do different oils do and what is their effect?

Our reader Jenny sent us a tension relief hand massage instructions.

Tension Relief Hand Massage- Use a large drop full of lotion as lubrication. Start at the base of the elbow.

Circle the person's arm with your fingers and firmly squeeze and pull down on the arm. Then go back to the top and massage the muscles under the elbow. Then repeat the first step.

Then massage the hand and each finger. Pay attention to the muscle connected to the thumb.

Lace your fingers with theirs and rotate the wrist gently. Grab a hold of the wrist and pull firmly all the way down to the finger tips.

Repeat this a couple of times. Pulling completely down will make the tension int he persons arm and hands exit the body.

Thanks Jenny!

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