Thread hair removal - Eyebrow threading and facial hair removal

Thread hair removal has become a very popular method of hair removal. It is cheap, quick, with no side effects. It is most often used for eyebrow threading.

Threading hair removal is used to give shape to eyebrows and remove facial hair from chin, upper lips and forehead. It is also sometimes used for hair removal from other areas as a substitute for homemade wax. With this method, ingrown hairs are avoided.

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Threading hair removal has been in existence for thousands of years. From the beginning, it is in practice in Eastern countries like Egypt and India.

To this day, in most of the beauty salon you can see the technique alive. It is in the past few years that threading hair removal has caught up in the Western countries.

What Does Threading Do?

Threading hair removal eliminates the unwanted facial hair for a maximum of 6 weeks after which you need to get the threading done again. Threading pulls the hair from its follicle; it like plucking hair from the root.

To do this, experts only use cotton thread although you can use regular sewing thread also. The thread is pulled along the unwanted hair in a twisting motion and lifts the hair out of the follicle. This twisting of the thread forms like a mini lasso.

For first time users, threading hair removal can be painful. The sensation is similar to getting waxed the first time but from next time on, there is no pain at all, just a slight discomfort. There is also no swelling afterward.

Advantages of Threading Hair Removal

➢ A completely safe and sanitary method. The only thing used is the cotton thread and the thread is thrown away after each use.

➢ It gives perfect shape to the eyebrows which even tweezing or waxing cannot give. Since each of the eyebrows is plucked individually, the expert has complete control over the shape you want.

➢ It is a great time saver. It takes a minimum of two minutes and maximum of five-six minutes flat. Of course, the person has to be experienced also.

➢ There is absolutely no use of chemicals in threading hair removal. You can go for threading if you are under medication of any sort; there are no side effects.

➢ Even if done at a salon, the cost is generally affordable; once you learn how to do it yourself, it is free. :)

Disadvantage of Threading Hair Removal

The only disadvantage is that you need to have minimum 1/16 inch of hair grown to do threading again.

Eyebrow threading

Thread hair removal is most commonly used for eyebrow threading. The best way to learn how to do it is to obviously, practice but also to watch someone else do it. Here is a very good video for eyebrow threading instructions so you can get an idea of what this all involves:

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