Toenail fungus cure - simple ingredients for a lasting result

When applying any toenail fungus cure, keep in mind it is not an overnight solution and that you will need to be consistent when applying these remedies.

Toenail fungus is caused by fungi from the group of dermatophytes, same ones that cause atlhlete's foot. Toenail fungus likes moist and dark environment feeding off the keratin, the protein toenails are made of. The result is darkened, discolored, and yellow nail.

Some of the following remedies have been already described here, but as you will see, there are other toenail fungus remedies that can be used solely or might be combined for an even more effective cure.


The first choice for toenail fungus cure goes to tea tree oil. Used as a fungicide, it penetrates deeply, killing the infection effectively. Tea tree oil is a strong agent, a potent antifugal and antibacterial agent.

To use it, drip a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton pad. Gently apply it on the nail. Let it dry and repeat as needed or until the infection is gone.

Another toenail fungus cure might be a bit unconventional, but supposedly does wonders in removing the fungus.


Wash your feet and dry them well. Using a Q-tip, apply Vick's VapoRub on the toenail and surrounding flesh. Cover it up with a bandaid and leave it on overnight.


This remedy might be combined with a toenail fungus vinegar remedy. Apple cider vinegar is recommended for this remedy. But, be careful!: apple cider vinegar can cause adverse reaction on the skin, causing redness and itchiness. To test it, apply some on the inside of your arm and leave overnight. If there is no reaction, proceed.

There are two ways to use it: undiluted and diluted. Undiluted: soak your feet in undiluted apple cider vinegar for 1 to 2 minutes a few times a day. Wash feet and dry well.

Diluted: since it is in its "weaker" form, it can be used for longer periods of time. Soak feet/toes in it for 20-30 minutes a couple times a day. Wash feet and dry well.

I mentioned that toenail fungus vinegar remedy can be combined with the VapoRub one. To do so, use the vinegar remedy first, wash feet well and dry well, and then apply the VapoRub as described.


Finally, a well known toenail fungus cure is Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is a strong antioxidant known for its ability to heal skin. To use this remedy, apply Vitamin E oil (break open a capsule or buy it as oil, it can be found at any large grocery store), on the nail and the skin surrounding it.

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