Using clay masque for oily skin

by Angela M
(CC Hills, IL USA)

I have very oily skin. Once I wash my face for the day, within hours it's shiny and oily. This is embarrassing and aggravating. As if oily skin isn't bad enough, I get pimple and blackhead break-outs before my monthly cycle. This has caused blemishes and dark spots in areas of my forehead, cheeks and nose. I have used most of the popular facial products by various companies. Scrubs, creams, facial washes and moisturizers. You name it, I have tried it. I even went to a dermatologist for awhile, but the products he recommended irritated my skin, caused redness, flaking and peeling of my skin and even more breakouts.
So recently I have started using St Ives Hydroxy Mask that you peel once it is dry and Queen Helene Clay Mask. I use either one several times a week and I wash my face once to twice daily with Head & Shoulders Intensify Treatment Shampoo. ( I recently read that the shampoo has worked on acne.)
This regime has seemly helped the oily-ness and reduced the acne. (I won't know if it has helped the acne for sure, until my next cycle :)
My BFF tells me that I should not use the mask daily. Then a friend of hers that specializes in skincare and make-up application said using the hydroxy mask daily is fine, but I should not use the clay mask daily because it will really dry out my skin. Well that is the point! I don't want OILY skin! I would probably welcome the change. I have even read the Olay Deep Cleaning Clay mask bottle and it suggest you use it
2-3 times a week, unless your skin gets irritated.

What suggestions would you offer? What are your thoughts on using the clay masque daily? Please tell me your opinion on my situation.


Hi Angie,

First of all, I would never wash my face with shampoo, this might only cause more oil production and inflammation. Use a wash that is Ph balanced and non-drying – you only want to absorb the excess oil, not all the oil. Otherwise, you’ll aggravate your skin even more and produce more oil.

First – try this Oil Skin Recipe and see how your skin reacts. Then a few times a week use the hydroxy mask. If that doesn’t help then try the clay mask a few times a week and see if that works better than the hydroxy.

Unfortunately, nobody will know for sure how your skin will react to these masks as everyone is different, so you might have to play around a bit.

Hope this helps,
Biljana, admin.

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