Vinegar use - Versatile and efficient

Vinegar use in skin care is widespread and very common. Ranging from its use in hair rinse for restoring natural shine to vinegar skin recipes, vinegar restores, neutralizes, and prevents inflammations.

Vinegar has acids that are very powerful in removing the dead skin cells off the skins surface. It unglues the dead skin cells held together by the oils and sloughs them off easily. It is also an excellent way to regulate the pH of the skin.

This also works in hair care as it removes the extra oil off the hair shaft and scalp, leaving the hair literary squeaky clean and restored. It does not smell bad, you might smell it while the hair is still wet, but the scent evaporates as soon as the hair is dry.

Simply shampoo and rinse the hair, and then mix a gallon of water with a cup of vinegar. Rinse the hair again.

Working as an antiseptic, vinegar use is apparent when the bacteria and impurities are present on the skin.

Not only it prevents infection, irritation, and inflammation of the skin, it refreshes is creating a protective layer that stops them from affecting the skin. Additionally, you can use apple cider vinegar for skin tone overall improvement. Check out a simple vinegar skin toner.

However, to be absolutely sure you can use vinegar, I recommend you apply some on the inner side of your lower arm, below the elbow and leaving it on overnight.

If redness and itching occur, do not use any of the recipes that contain vinegar. If there are no signs of irritation, you may proceed.

The best vinegar for skin care recipes is certainly apple cider vinegar as it contains alpha hydroxy acid which removes the 'glue' that holds dead cells of the skin, penetrates the skin's deepest layers and thus helps its nutrition.

Do not look for a cheap brand, it is important you buy good quality apple cider vinegar, preferably organic as it will provide the best results.

Baking soda and vinegar are sometimes combined to neutralize the pH of the skin, vinegar and honey also. All these vinegar skin recipes are effective and prepared in minutes.


In order to dilute the vinegar, use distilled water. Also, when preparing any liquid recipe (facial tonic, lotion, etc.), I find very beneficial to pour it into a glass bottle and freeze it for 24 hours. When you are ready to use them, take the bottle out and keep it refrigerated at all time.

Never use it undiluted!

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