White matter on lips

by Ana

I just wanna ask about white spots on my lips. I really cant remember if this is inborn. It looks like tiny white heads esp on upper part lip. Is there any medications or cosmetic treatment to treat these? Thank you so much

It sounds like a fungus called Tinea Versicolor. This is not dangerous and is pretty common. I would suggest a skin brightening cream to even out your skin tone. You can use this all over your face for a nice bright and even toned complexion. It’s very gentle and safe.

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Feb 03, 2014
white spot on lower lipe spot on low lip NEW
by: Anonymous

I just wanna ask that from my inborn onwards I have a white spot on my lower lip. it looks so embracing.... so is there any remedy to remove spot from my lower lip any suggestion that you can suggest me

Jul 29, 2011
Fordyce Spots
by: Anonymous

I feel that the "white matter" may actually be Fordyce Spots. Which is more common than people realize. This is what I have on my lips. Information can be found with a simple search using the internet (www.skinsight.com is a fairly helpful site).

They are normally not harmful but should get checked if they worsen or feel itchy or irratated...see a dermatologist. Men & women can get them. They can also form on the gential area and inside the mouth. They are not a bacteria, virus or any kind of STD. They are not contagious. The spots are caused by superficial sebacous glands (oil-glands). I am not aware of any treatment for them & have had them as long as I can remember. But perhaps that is a natural remedy out there some where? :)

Luckily, being a female, I can just use a little lipstick, lip tint, gloss, etc to cover up. But I also do not have a severe case like some might.

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