Removal of whiteheads

Whiteheads are a direct result of clogged pores. Excess oil and dead skin cells are the causes of clogged pores, a condition that is a sign of skin inflammation and that can lead to acne.

Our expert Nili Nathan mentions tea tree essential oil and I have to agree with this one.

Tea tree oil is a wonderful ingredient, its antiseptic that prevents and heals the infections. A truly potent ingredient.

Our reader Sara asked our skin care expert:

Do you have any advice for home removal of whiteheads? Thanks

Dear Sara,

Whiteheads can be a bit stubborn, but here's some tips for helping with whiteheads.

After my face is washed clean:

Step 1. I like to get a washcloth very hot with steaming water from the sink and apply a corner of the washcloth to the whitehead with gentle pressure for as long as the washcloth is hot. Repeat step 1 a couple of times.

Step 2. Apply a drop of tea tree oil (pure 100% oil) on to a q-tip or cotton ball and gently dot on your whitehead. Make sure to use just a tiny drop of the tea tree oil...too much might cause a tingling sensation or irritation. As a might want to first start off with a damp cotton ball then adding the drop of oil. I suggest this if you have never used Tea Tree oil on your face, or have sensitive skin. I apply directly without water with good results. This is also a good remedy for blackheads as well.

You NEVER want to pinch, squeeze or aggravate whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Although it may be tempting at times, it is always recommended to be patient, keep your skin as clean as possible, avoid putting your fingers and hands on your face. And also, wash you hands during the day.

Check the moisturizer you are using as well. If it has mineral oil or petroleum as an ingredient consider switching to one that contains more natural ingredients.

The general rule is anything you can't pronounce or wouldn't want to eat you also wouldn't want to put on your skin. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and and plenty of pure drinking water during the day helps to skin the skin subtle, soft and aids in the skin detoxifying toxins.

Our store sells a line of Aromatherapy which is made from 100% pure essential oils.

Thank you for your question! Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Take Good Care Of Yourself,
Nili Nathan

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