Wow never knew it could be that simple?!

by Kayla Alberts
(Chamberlain, SD, US)

I used to have nice glowing skin but when I started getting acne that all changed, my skin started get oily or dry and flaky.

I tried all the over the counter acne treatments I could with the minimum of money I had but they never really worked and my wallet was starting to get thinner. So I tried looking up on the Internet for acne treatments that can help with my dry flaky or oily skin and I came across this website that looked like it could save me some money.

I tried this oatmeal mask and it actually worked! It cleared my skin in weeks and gave me that smooth and healthy glow I used to have. Now I feel like I can go out and not have to pile on all that foundation.

Hi Kayla,

I am so glad you have found something that works and on this website nonetheless.
Thanks for the comment,
Biljana, admin

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