Use of yogurt for treating acne -
Simple ingredient, great results

Using yogurt for treating acne is one of the many natural ways to clear acne. This simple ingredient is among the most effective acne home remedies around.

Yogurt contains antibiotic properties as a dietary supplement. When applied on skin, it provides the skin with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It is also a natural astringent and it helps to kill bacteria within tiny hair follicles.

yogurt for treating acne How is Yogurt Formed?

Yogurt is formed in the process of bacterial fermentation of milk. During the fermentation process, the bacteria present in milk converts lactose into lactic acid. The lactic acid reacts with the proteins present in milk and gives yogurt its gel-like structure. People who are intolerant to lactose (milk) are often advised to consume yogurt instead.

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Role Yogurt Plays in Treating Acne

➢ Yogurt prevents breaking out of pimples and acne because it contains lactic acid. You should know that people who are intolerant to lactose often experience digestive system malfunctioning, which leads to the sebaceous glands being simulated and resulting in acne breakout. Now, since yogurt does not have lactose, there is no chance of acne breakout.

➢ It is a common misconception that eating yogurt during acne or any skin problem will simply increase the infection because it contains bacteria. The fact is the bacteria present are useful and the harmful bacteria are killed with increase in pH level of yogurt. Therefore, if you have acne and other skin problems, it is completely safe to eat yogurt as it helps in curing them unless, of course, your doctor prevents you from doing so because of some other problem.

➢ Homemade recipes use yogurt for treating acne because the acidic nature of yogurt destroys the harmful bacterial colonies within the hair follicles that causes infection or inflammation of acne. If the harmful bacteria are not eliminated then the skin will produce excessive sebum, which will only increase acne and blackheads.

➢ Inclusion of yogurt for treating acne is necessary because it contains essential nutrients like zinc and vitamin D, a necessity for maintaining healthy epithelial tissues. The hair follicles are soft tissues which need a daily dose of vitamin and oxygen to replace them and this can happen if you take yogurt with your normal diet.

Yogurt skin care recipes

Here's the great news: simply apply some yogurt on the face. No need to add anything else. Just whip the yogurt and apply on acne. Wash off with water after some time and your skin will feel supple and soft.

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