Aging Acne Prone Skin

by Robyn Morris
(Miami Beach, FL )

Hi, I am a 40 year old woman. I have battled acne all of my life and though now it is pretty much under control with diet, supplements, and tea tree oil, I still do break out a bit now and then. However, I am now starting to get dry patches on my skin and am beginning to see wrinkles particularly the laugh lines from the corners of my mouth to my nose. What can I use to help diminish the wrinkles that won't make me break out? I've tried some all natural Vitamin C and Co-Enzyme Q10 products and have broken out in little pimples along my mouth.

Thank you for you time,

Robyn Morris

Miami Beach, FL

Hi, Dulce --
When people have this type of skin problem and conditions of eczema, I highly recommend visiting a colon hydrotherapist and getting a series of colonics. You will see a difference in your skin in a matter of weeks. Cleaning and detoxing is first and then nutrition. Think of a car with old would must certainly have an oil change first then add new oil. Our bodies should be thought of in this manner. Cleanse, then nourish. Also, make sure you are getting your Omega 3's and 6's from either fish oil for flax seed oil. Buy the liquid and take a couple of tablespoons a day. Hope this helps.


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