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Apricot scrub - Boost collagen and elastin

You know that fresh, juicy taste when you take a bite of big, ripe apricot in a hot summer day? That's exactly what your skin feels like when you apply an apricot scrub.

Using this scrub, you will turn your skin happier and healthier. Once you start using a scrub you will start to notice a change in the feel and appearance. Use the body scrub in the rough areas of your body like your knees, elbows and even the balls of your feet.

Once you get rid of the dead layer, the toxins will begin to leave the body. Your skin will be able to absorb nourishment easier. A sugar scrub is non-abrasive and can be used every day. Your body needs to be exfoliated so the skin renewal process is kept going.

A single application of apricot body scrub leaves a soft, supple to touch, and glowing feel behind. These types of scrubs are very gentle and less dehydrating. Apricot, when used fresh, is full of Vitamin C that promotes creation of collagen in the skin which in turn increases the elasticity of the skin. It also contains a major amount of Vitamin A, or Retinol, a molecule so small that it enters the deep layers of the skin promoting creation of collagen as well as elastin.

apricot scrub

Apricot scrub recipes preparation

There is nothing to not love in these recipes. They are fresh, healthy and give great results.They could make a nice gift for someone special or make for a great pampering experience for yourself. Here are three recipes that you can try. Homemade scrubs are one of the easiest natural skin products to make.

Get a plastic container with a lid. Put 1/2 cup of olive oil, or mineral oil in the plastic container. Sprinkle some sugar, fine or course, into the oil until you get the consistency that you would like. You would use fine sugar if you want a gently scrub, and coarse sugar if you want a more vigorous clean. Add a few drops of apricot kernel essential oil until you have the smell you want. Take a bath or shower and enjoy.

You need a jar with a lid. Fill jar 3/4 full with coarse or fine sugar. Slowly pour baby oil into the sugar. Do not pour too fast or you will have more oil than you need. Make sure the oil is distributed evenly throughout the sugar. Add your apricot kernel essential oil.

Mash a couple of ripe apricots until the mass resembles a paste. Add enough brown sugar to keep the paste consistency. Add a bit of olive oil. Mix well and apply after a long, warm shower.

If you want to preserve your apricot scrub past two months or you are giving it as a gift, add the oil of a vitamin E capsule, or some sea salt. Your apricot body scrub can be kept on a bathroom shelf or on the tub corner. It does not need to be refrigerated unless it has a dairy product as one of the ingredients.

Another option is to buy one and there seems to be a variety of them. Eminence, a leader in organic skin care offers an apricot scrub that can be used on all skin types, gently exfoliating dead skin and refining its appearance.

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