I am proud to announce a new category on this site: Ask the expert.

I try my best to address questions our readers ask but trust me, nothing can match the expertise of someone who has been doing this for years. Who is the expert?

Nili Nathan is a name I first encountered when looking for good quality skin care videos. Since then, Nili and I have been working on giving both our readers more great recipes and advice.

Nili Nathan is the force behind www.greathealinggetaways.com, a virtual library of holistic How To’s. Nili shares videos, recipes, tips and tons of information on wellbeing and holistic approach to life.

Nili is also the admin of www.GreatLivingTV.com and has hosted and produced over 300 holistic how-to videos for Expert Village.

Since Nili is busy with her numerous projects, I will try to answer the questions she can’t get to in a timely manner.

You might have been wondering:

  • Which essential oil is good for acne prone skin?
  • What are the alternatives to artificial sunscreens?

you get the point. All those simple questions not often addressed that can actually make a big difference if one is interested in natural skin care and products.

To make this part of the site more interactive, we are using a new submission form which will allow you to submit, comment and rate the questions/answers.

So, my dear readers, feel free to ask the expert. Fill out the form at the bottom and when you submit, you can choose one of the three options to get notified by email when:

1) Your contribution has been accepted.
2) Someone comments on your contribution.
3) When others contribute to this Web site.

You can see questions submitted so far and answers below the form.

Thanks for your interest!

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Our readers’ questions so far…

Read what other readers just like you have asked!

EXTREMELY Dry Skin on chin – HELP!! starstarstarstarstar
Thank you for allowing me to ask this question, I am desperate.

EVERY winter my chin area gets EXTREMELY dry, flaky, taut, and itchy. Since I was …

Acne breakout starstarstarstarstar
I had suffered from acne since high school; used hydroperoxide products which was harsh on my skin; after, a general doctor prescribes 100 tetracycline …

Oily skin and acne scarring starstarstarstarstar
Hi my name’s Suzan…

Well to begin with…when I look in the mirror my skin looks
like it’s been beaten. My acne used to come a lot but now I think …

Home removal of whiteheads starstarstarstarstar
Sara asks: Do you have any advice for home removal of whiteheads? Thanks.

Read Nili’s advice.

Corn removal from toes & restoring natural pigmentation on bottom of feet starstarstarstarstar
My questions are, do you have any natural remedies for removing corns from the toes, and also, the underside of my feet tend to look dark, like a dirty …

Dry skin, wrinkles and black spots starstarstarstar
What is the easy remedy for pigmentation on face? My lips is very broad. What can I do? Any easy remedy without surgery?

Daisy – the pigmentation on …

Essential oil scents Not rated yet
Do you know how to make the scent of essential oils stronger and last longer when using to scent body care products such as body butters?


Mayonnaise for skin care Not rated yet
I have read an article about mayonaise that you can use on your skin as an homemade peeler. What is the danger to it, and is it alright to use it only …

finding chick pea flour Not rated yet
Where can I find chick pea flour?
I have contacted 2 health food stores around me & they do not carry it.
Thank you,

Hi Rebecca,

here …

Dry legs Not rated yet
I have very tanned and lifeless legs compare to other body parts. I am very worried about this and dont know what to do. Please help me out.

Dry skin cleanser recipe Not rated yet
How do i prepare a recipe for a dry skin cleanser?


The easiest recipe is to pour a small amount of ground oatmeal into palm, and add a little …

Home spa Not rated yet
What are some key things to have at your home spa that you can make at home?

Hi, Krisy,

The beauty of homemade skin products is that they are usually …

Vitamin A on the skin Not rated yet
Would it be more effective to just put vitamin A directly on the skin? Or do you have to extract something? Seems like it would be easier than trying to …

Tea tree oil toxicity Not rated yet
My question is about potential toxicity when using tea tree oil, and if I could be using too much. It’s really working so I don’t want to stop using it….

Stretchmarks recipe Not rated yet
How can I get rid of stretch marks?

Hi Roba,

Here’s a great stretchmarks recipe.

Biljana, www.skin-care-recipes-and-remedies.com admin.

Natural skin care Not rated yet
I know a good diet is he key to great skin. I am eating an apple a day, taking in more fatty acids, drinking lots of water, eating oatmeal 3 times a week,…

Ringworm and eczema Not rated yet
I have a lot of ringworm they all came like days apart, I have eczema, but should I be concerned. I have washed my linens, and cleaned my room and car …

Recipe preparation Not rated yet
OK, so I know it may seem trivial, but I was wondering: should I steam my face first and then exfoliate or vice versa?

No, not a trivial question at …

Ingrown hair on arms and legs Not rated yet
I used epilady on my arms legs and I have ingrown hair. What should i do?


The basic tip is to introduce a body scrub into your routine. This …

Homemade night cream recipe Not rated yet
I’d like to know how to make a good night cream. I love this site. Thank you!


Since I don’t have a night cream recipe on this site (have to build …

Using green tea toner Not rated yet
I don’t know how to use it. Should I leave the toner on after I apply it to the face or wash it off with water?

Leave it on following the directions …

Skin whitening homemade recipe Not rated yet
Hi Nili,

Can you tell me a homemade recipe for skin whitening and also for under eye black circle?


Hi Hams,

The best mask that …

Post pregnancy skin Not rated yet
Hi Nili,

My name is Sarah. I just had a baby few months ago and everything (my body) has changed (in a bad way). I have gained so much weight, my skin …

Aspirin vs. Ibuprofen in face masks Not rated yet
In some of the facial mask recipes it requires aspirin… can we use ibuprofen instead? Will it do the same thing as the aspirin would have?

Both aspirin …

About the acne mask Not rated yet
Dear Nili,

In your recipe of Lime Juice Mask for acne you list the groundnut oil. Is that peanut oil or something else? Please verify that for me, so …

Blackheads on nose Not rated yet
I have loads of blackheads on my nose and i can’t get rid of them.
Is there anyway of completely getting rid of them and stopping them from coming …

Microdermabrasion Not rated yet
Hi, I am 31 years old. Tell me about microdermabrasion. My skin has been very rough since I came to the US. What are chemical peel treatments? I have some …

Aging Acne Prone Skin Not rated yet
Hi, I am a 40 year old woman. I have battled acne all of my life and though now it is pretty much under control with diet, supplements, and tea tree oil,…

Skin on the hand gets folded and looking older Not rated yet
Dear Ma’am,
I am 27y age. And my skin on the hand is getting foldings and fine lines also appear. But my face looks normal and it has no foldings. And …

How to remove brown spots on face ? Not rated yet
Nili, Please can you help me to remove my brown spots? Thanks.

HI, Midge –
An old fashion remedy I know of that is mixing one part fresh lemon juice …

Large pores Not rated yet
My sister called yesterday for some advise on shrinking large pores. It seems we both have this issue and I would love some natural suggestions.

Dear …

Problem skin Not rated yet
What recipe would you advise for problem acne skin?

Dear Tuba,

There are a couple of remedies you can prepare in order to deal with the problem skin….

Clogged hair follicles on legs Not rated yet
I have severly dry skin on my legs, it’s a problem that I’ve dealt with since I was a young girl and I’m 28 now. You see, my skin is very flaky and I have …

Pimples Not rated yet
Hi Nili,
My name is Nimra and my problem is that I have lots of small pimples on my cheeks which you can see them in light so can you please tell me a …

Clogged hair follicles on leg Not rated yet
Hello Nili,
My name is Marina , I’m having a problem with the skin of my legs , I noticed while shaving my legs that some of the hair is under the skin …

Acne Not rated yet
I am 27yrs old and just had brain surgery about six months ago and I am breaking out really bad. What can I used at home to help. I did use in 2003 accutane …

Dark circles under eye Not rated yet
How can I reduce the look of darkness under my eyes? My family has a natural tendency to this. It seems if I wear foundation..which I hate..they look more …

Ringworm Not rated yet
Dear ma’m,
I had ringworms on my hands about 3yrs back. As far I can recall they were really itchy. I went to the doctor but it was too late. The ringworms …

Facial hair Not rated yet
Is there any remedy for facial hair?

Dear Molly,

I am not clear on this question so I will address the removal of facial hair. Facial hair can become …

Facial pimples Not rated yet
Sophie asks:

Hi, I am 19yrs old and I have many pimples on my forehead. They make my skin look awful. Please recommend some homemade tip that I should …

Dry skin itchy scalp Not rated yet
The problems I have are:

1) Itchy scalp… when I brush my hair dandruff and hair fall
2) Dry skin… The skin on the face gets extremely dry …

Loose facial skin Not rated yet
Hi, My skin around the face is loose nowadays. What is the solution to tighten
the skin?

Dear Ash:

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is much …

Preserving homemade skin care products Not rated yet
Maria, NY:

I would like to make my own facial masks but I am not sure how long I can use them for. What is the shelf life of a homemade skin product?…

Pimples spots Not rated yet
Hello, nice to see your good advices. My problem is that I have tan complexion and spots of pimples on my face. These spots are black in color. How can …

Acne prone skin Not rated yet
Hi..Vicky here. My skin is acne prone. Acne are reducing considerably but my skin always remains red and has deep scars. Please suggest me natural home …