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I am proud to announce a new category on this site: Ask the expert.

I try my best to address questions our readers ask but trust me, nothing can match the expertise of someone who has been doing this for years. Who is the expert?

Nili Nathan is a name I first encountered when looking for good quality skin care videos. Since then, Nili and I have been working on giving both our readers more great recipes and advice.

Nili Nathan is the force behind, a virtual library of holistic How To's. Nili shares videos, recipes, tips and tons of information on wellbeing and holistic approach to life.

Nili is also the admin of and has hosted and produced over 300 holistic how-to videos for Expert Village.

Since Nili is busy with her numerous projects, I will try to answer the questions she can't get to in a timely manner.

You might have been wondering:

  • Which essential oil is good for acne prone skin?
  • What are the alternatives to artificial sunscreens?
  • ...

    you get the point. All those simple questions not often addressed that can actually make a big difference if one is interested in natural skin care and products.

    To make this part of the site more interactive, we are using a new submission form which will allow you to submit, comment and rate the questions/answers.

    So, my dear readers, feel free to ask the expert. Fill out the form at the bottom of each category's page and when you submit, you can choose one of the three options to get notified by email when:

    1) Your contribution has been accepted.
    2) Someone comments on your contribution.
    3) When others contribute to this Web site.

    You can see questions submitted so far and answers below the form.

    Thanks for your interest!

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    Dry skin

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