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REVIEW: Beauty Without Cruelty Cleanser – Ashley (U.S.A.)


I use a facial cleanser from BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty). It’s organic, 100% vegetarian, and paraben free along with some other perks. It’s technically a cleansing milk (I use extra gentle) but also has some organic completely pure essential oils. I can’t use any soaps on my face, for it will immediately dry it up haha. Which used to be a big problem, because I do use makeup. I finally just threw the $10 down for some strictly for my face and truthfully, it’s been completely perfect for me. It doesn’t have an polymer beads (or any kind of bead) for scrubbing, which would have had the same effect of drying out my skin easily.

It goes on smooth, has a slight lather but you can really tell even from just the texture and consistency it’s a nice blend of a soap and conditioner. It takes off my liquid cover up, mascara, eyeliner, etc. Then I can reapply all of it again smoothly. Something else beneficial, it has cleared up any of the acne I would get (big plus, it’s summertime!). I thought you would enjoy hearing about this 🙂


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