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Would you like to learn about an all-natural body butter recipe? Then check this recipe out!

This homemade body butter concoction is perfect for all your skincare needs. For those who don't know, body butter is basically is a skin moisturizer you can use on your whole body that's different from your average lotion because it lacks preservatives and moisture.

It's a concentrated mixture of all-natural ingredients and it's considered a heavy-duty skincare product that moisturizes the skin in a more effective and considerable manner when compared to commercial moisturizers and conventional lotions.

Its ingredients can also provide different benefits and nutrients such as beta carotene, antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, and E depending on which ingredients you pick.

Body Butters are Intense and Natural

Body butters are more hydrating and intense that your run-of-the-mill lotion because of what it takes to make them. While they're being formulated, ingredients like nuts and seeds are heated until their oils and fats are extracted. This process will then cause the formation of an emollient base needed to create the cream of body butter.

A lot of the ingredients contained in this skincare product are all-natural and non-synthetic. Depending on your unique bodily requirements, an appropriate body butter recipe can be picked based on the ingredients' varying benefits.

The typical recipe blend contains ingredients like extracts from citrus, Hawaiian kukui nuts, mango seeds, cocoa seeds, and shea nuts to keep skin from drying out. You'll never have to worry about additives, preservatives, and other potentially toxic chemicals when using a body butter recipe because you know exactly what you'll be putting in the concoction.

For instance, body butter doesn't contain parabens in light of the ingredients it makes use of, which is a good thing because parabens are chemical preservatives that may encourage the growth of different types of cancers.

Preparing the recipe

In particular, this body butter recipe is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Don't worry too much about the ingredients, because they're all easy to find (although looking for beeswax may be quite tricky).

At any rate, to make particular body butter recipe, you'll need:
ten drops of citrus essential oils
two to three tablespoons of distilled water
a capsule of Vitamin E oil
half a cup of grape seed oil
and two tablespoons of beeswax.

Once you've gathered the required ingredients, follow the instructions outlined below to create your own body butter.

First off, you should combine the oil and wax together within a jar that's wide-mouthed.

From there, microwave the mixture until the wax itself has melted together with the oil.

Whip this heated liquid blend with a hand blender. Don't forget to make sure that it's submerged for safety's sake. Aerate the liquid while slowly adding water.

If you're doing it right, it should become white, goopy, and thick.

Let the body butter settle for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

Once that's through, feel free to enjoy your batch of homemade body butter!

Although I like to mix and experiment with these different recipes, African shea butter cream is by far my favorite.

Its aroma is somewhat strong and it might seem a bit greasy at first but it is rich and smooth and the skin absorbs it well. It is ideal if you have dry skin but it is also used for numerous other skin conditions (eczema, stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles, etc...)

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