Body Spray Recipe Blended With Fragrance Oil

by Kanyta

Body Spray Recipe Blended With Fragrance Oil

Body sprays are expensive! No wonder companies like Dior and Gillette strive on these luxurious products. Making body spray is complex in the language of their manufacturers but the fact is that body sprays have been in existence for over thousand years. In those days, aromatherapy was regarded as a mood lifter and it depended on scented sprays. These days, seeing the expensive tag on luxurious body spray products, aromatherapy has been revived for the making of natural body spray - they are inexpensive and easy to make as compared to the conventional or branded ones!

Here we provide you with some recipes for making body spray with fragrance oil. Note that fragrance oil, also known as essential oil, can be purchased online or from herbal stores. However, in the making, never use too much of scented oils and always use distilled water while preparing. There are no particular process to make them at home. So what we have given below is just the list of ingredients required. Take the ingredients and mix them - that’s all you need to do. If any process is needed, it will be mentioned.

1. 10 drops of essential oil and 5 oz. of distilled water

2. 4 tbsp food flavor extract, 15 oz. distilled water and 4 tsp of glycerin.

3. 2tbsp of witch hazel, 10 drops of lemon, 10 drops of cucumber oil, and 16 oz. of water content.

4. 4tbsp sweet almond oil, 1/2 cup of scented distilled water, 1/2 cup of vodka. Here, you need to prepare the scented water water first. What you do is boil water and add scented herbs, vanilla beans, citrus peels and any other ingredient.

5. 1 cup of distilled water, 2 tbsp of vodka, 3 drops of fragrance oil, 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil and 5 drops of peony essential oil.

6. 4 tsp jojoba oil, 8 drops of musk essential oil, 8 drops of sandalwood fragrance oil, and 6 drops of frankincense fragrance oil.

7. 1 cup of fresh flower blossoms and 2 cups of water. Here the procedure is different. What you do is take cheesecloth and place in a bowl with the corner sides hanging out. Place the flower blossoms in it and cover with distilled water. Let the flower blossom soak overnight. In the morning, strain the flower blossoms and simmer the water until few spoonfuls are left. Store into a bottle. You can use several types of flowers like orange blossoms, honeysuckle or lavender - any flower with high fragrance would do.

Do not use the body sprays immediately after making them. Let it cool and settle for a minimum of 12 hours before you begin to use. Store in cool, dark, and air tight container and do not bring into direct contact with sun rays. Before using, shake the bottle well. During summer, you should store them in the refrigerator. The shelf life of the body spray is longer if kept under required temperature standards.

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Jan 16, 2012
FOs and EOs
by: Anonymous

I am very pleased to have found this page with the variety of body spray recipes, but I was disturbed by the author's misunderstanding of fragrance oils(FO) and essential oils (EO). There is a world of difference between the two, in quality and safe use.

Fragrance oils, for the most part, are not held to any specific standards of quality, and many are extracted from plants by strong chemicals, this being the cheapest route. These FOs are a major factor in people young and old developing skin sensitivities to commercial products for cleaning, laundry, skin care, and other products. The chemicals carrying the FOs are a high irritant and a person can suddenly develop a sensitivity to them after extended use, or may show signs upon initial use. There are also FOs that are created artificially in a lab, using man-made chemicals that are also high irritants. It is interesting to note that manufacturers are not required to list their ingredients in FOs, so you really don't know what's in them.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are mainly extracted using safer methods, including evaporation, cold pressed, etc. EOs can range in quality, depending on the company manufacturing them. High quality EOs are most often bought online through a company's website or store at a physical location. Most health food stores carry a middle range quality of EOs which are safe to use externally but are not recommended for internal use. Most reputable companies have their EOs tested by outside labs for proof of quality, although those with a sensitive sense of smell can tell the difference between a middle and high quality EO. High quality EOs are safe to take internally, such as use in cooking when you are out of herbs, etc. The two best companies on the West Coast of the US that I have researched are Young Living and DoTerra. Both ship nationally, and I am aware that Young Living also ships internationally, but I am not sure of DoTerra.

While some EOs can cause skin irritation if not diluted, this is easily remedied by prior dilution in a carrier oil, and those people with allergies should not use EOs of those plants that they are allergic to, and some citrus EOs can cause temporary photo-sensitivity of the skin.

By and far, if you want to go natural, go for the essential oils over the fragrance oils.

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