Bruise treatment - Get rid of bruises fast

A bruise treatment is most efficient when applied immediately or soon after the injury occurs. Bruises form when the tiny blood vessels get injured and start seeping out into the tissue.

This usually happens if we fall or bump against something. However, medical disorders such as hemophilia or an immune system disorder can be the cause for it.

As you probably know, bruises start off being red (the color of the blood collecting under the skin) and then might turn bluish and then green and then pale yellow before they disappear.

How to get rid of bruises - the first step

Your first step when you're trying to get rid of bruises is to apply a cold compress or an ice pack. You can always use a frozen bag with peas, too. Elevate the injured area above the line of the heart to allow for swelling to lessen.

Then what?

Reducing the swelling is your immediate response to the injury but now you have to figure out how to heal a bruise.

  • Butter or margarine. Apply some on the area and reapply as needed.
  • Boil an egg, peel it, break it into little chunks and then gently rub the bruised area.
  • If you have a Vitamin E based cream, apply it on the injured area. If you don't have a cream handy, see if you have Vitamin E capsules. Break open a capsule and apply the gel.
  • Another vitamin-based cream can be used: Vitamin K cream. Vitamin K is alleged to penetrate the skin and help diminish the appearance of the bruise.
  • Arnica cream has been mentioned to me as an excellent healing agent for bruises. Arnica cream can be ordered online and it is a good idea to have it handy around the house; it reduces bruises and helps with pain. As an ingredient, it is often found in products that promote healing and health of joints, bones and tissues
  • Bruise prevention before bruise treatment

  • Vitamin C - the importance of proper intake of Vitamin C can't be stressed enough. People with deficiency in Vitamin C bruise easier and faster. It not only helps internally, Vitamin C, when applied in a cream or body lotion helps build collagen which makes the skin elastic and more able to fight the external injury. Get more info on RealHeal Oil to soothe and relieve pain and promote faster healing of bruises

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