Can I color my hair with coffee?

by Angela


How can I color my hair with coffee? I have been looking for natural ways to dye my hair and found out that coffee can be used to dye hair but I am not sure how well this would work. I have blond hair damaged from years of bleaching. I wanted a bit of a change but don't want to further damage my hair with chemicals. Any ideas?

Hi Angela,

When it comes to homemade hair dye recipes, the great thing is that they are very safe and devoid of chemicals.

Coffee can be used for hair dyeing, as long as the hair is of lighter color; it will not have any effect if you have brown or dark hair.

Here is how you can color hair with coffee:

Brew a few cups of very strong coffee. Pour it into a basin or a shallow bowl and let it cool down enough so it does not burn your scalp. Soak in hair, section by section, and leave it in for 30 minutes or so. When you are done, put on a shower cap and leave on as long as possible. Wash out.

Now, you can try this but you can also mix some ground coffee with enough water to make a paste and enough to cover your whole hair. Add a bit of hair conditioner to this mix. Apply on hair and again, cover up with shower cap and leave on as long as possible. Wash out.

I hope one of these recipes work for you, let me know.
Biljana, admin

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