Can vinegar remove permanent hair color?

by Mary


Can vinegar remove permanent hair color? I am a natural blond and have recently dyed my hair auburn brown but I don't like it. I don't want to use chemicals to strip the color because I am afraid it might damage it. My friend recommended I use vinegar to remove the color. Does this really work?



Hi Mary,

While I would love to say yes, I have to say no. Vinegar has many uses in natural hair care but not to remove permanent hair color (See vinegar hair recipes). My recommendation would be to visit a hairstylist and have your hair professionally treated. This way you will be sure it is done properly and you won't experiment with ingredients that are not meant to do the job. If you search online, you will find advice such as washing your hair with hot water as many times as possible or using hydrogen peroxide. Nourishing your hair with natural ingredients in the comfort of your own home is fine, but exposing your hair to agents that might damage and make things even worse is not something I would recommend.

Once your hair is professionally treated, you can use natural hair recipes to recover the hair, because once stripped, the hair color will leave behind hair that is in need of moisture and healthy nutrients.

I hope this helps,

Biljana, Skin Care Recipes and Remedies admin

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