Castor oil for hair growth

by Victoria

Using castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil, as many of you know, comes from castor beans. It has many uses, particularly in food preservation, since it prevents the growth of mold without having much effect on the taste and smell of food. It is often used as an ingredient in candies, for example. Many South Asian farmers use castor oil to prevent precious grains from rotting before they can be eaten.

The oil also makes it easier for the body to digest the grains: the high quantity of fiber can be tough on the digestion, especially for older people, so the castor oil is very helpful. The effects of castor oil on the digestive system also mean that it can be used as a laxative.

It is also used in many beauty and hygiene products, such as lip balm and shampoo.

It turns out that the oil from the humble castor bean has another use as well: increasing or maintaining hair growth. Massaging castor oil, or a hair product based on castor oil, onto your scalp is said to prevent hair loss. It can also make for shinier, stronger hair that does not break or get split ends as easily as it once did.

However, as castor oil is very thick, you may not end up distributing it as easily as you would like. You may also have a hard time washing it out of your hair, even if you rinse it thoroughly. Therefore, using plain castor oil for hair growth may be much more difficult than using a product, such as a conditioner or shampoo, containing castor oil. These products may be better formulated for easy, everyday use.

Alternatively, the oil can be used for a hot oil treatment for severely dried hair, but, due to its aforementioned extreme viscosity, this can be quite difficult to do on your own. Some enthusiasts of herbal oils suggest that castor oil is easier to use if you blend it with other oils, such as jojoba or coconut oil. You can also get the benefits from these other oils, while ending up with a slightly thinner, lighter mixture that is easier to handle than plain castor oil.

Some of the recipes including castor oil are those for removal of age spots, strenghtening brittle nails, treating dry, cracked feet, etc.

In sum, this oil has all sorts of uses. Perhaps further research will show that it is even more versatile than we expected.

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