Cause of acne

Cause of acne are numerous and are not restricted to age, gender, or sex. How do they form and what causes them? Is there a way to treat them without prescription medications?

Cause of acne (acne vulgaric - vulgaris means common) is an inflammation of sebaceous glands. This usually begins in puberty when the sebaceous (oil glands) grow and develop.

Sebaceous glands or oil glands are connected to hair follicles. They are consisted of sebum, and oily substance that coats the surface of hairs and helps them from drying and becoming brittle.

Sebum also prevents excessive evaporation of water from the skin and keeps the skin soft, inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria.

Testosterone, usually found in normal levels in the body can cause the skin to sometimes overreact to its presence.

Combined with bacteria that normally reside in sebaceous follicles, the infection can cause a cyst or sac of connective tissue cells.

This condition is then called cystic acne.

cause of acne There are numerous causes of acne, both adult and cystic acne, certain foods among them.

  • Activity of hormones (one of the examples is the increased activity of hormones during puberty when acne most often start appearing.

  • Irritated skin

  • Stress levels where Increased amounts of stress triggers the response of stress hormones.

To a point, skin is prone to acne due to hereditary factors.Some believe that chocolate causes acne, although it has not been scientifically proven.

Acne treatment

Usually, topical antibiotics are prescribed to treat acne. They unclog the pores and cleanse the inside of it by killing the bacteria that have inhabited it.

Homemade acne treatments are usually very efficient if used properly. They reduce the appearance of existing acne, as well as prevent new ones from appearing on the skin's surface.

Home face masks that target acne are a good option for acne home remedy treatment.

Not only are facial masks used to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, one of these masks in particular has been widely recommended for any inflammatory processes on the skin. This aspirin face mask is rich in acetyl salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory qualities that soothe the skin and stop irritation.


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