Chapped lips remedy - Tips for perfectly kissable lips

Before you get in a situation to have to prepare a chapped lips remedy, try drinking plenty of water and protecting your lips at all times with a good quality lip balm. However, avoid flavored kinds, especially ones that have citrus base (lemon, orange etc) which will irritate the lips even more. Avoid low quality lipsticks, you would be surprised what a difference a more expensive brand can make.

There are a few things you can do to keep your lips soft and nourished all year long.

Start with mixing a bit of honey and baking soda. Apply this mix on the lips and rub it in gently. This paste will remove the dead skin cells and the peeling skin and leave the lips very soft. After this, apply a lip balm.

I also find applying only honey to be very good. If your lips are severely chapped, it might cause a tingling sensation but don't worry about that! Honey is the best natural antiseptic and cleanser you can find around, it won't harm the skin one bit. Its ingredients will penetrate the skin and nourish the lips wonderfully.

Applying good old Vaseline is very effective also. Apply it before going to bed and your lips will be soft and healed in the morning.

Here are a couple of good tips sent to us by our readers:

Cindy recommends: If you're in a hurry and notice that your lips are dry and flaky. What I do is carry a mini toothbrush in my handbag(you get these free on an airplane).In the restroom I give them a quick brush on them and apply my favorite lip gloss for beautiful lips in a flash.

Sounds like a good scrub to me! :)

Rabia says: Remedy for cracked/dry lips: Take few apple seeds, grind them and add a little bit of water to make it a paste. Rub it on cracked/dry lips before going to bed at night.

Thanks ladies!

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