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I recently came across this coffee face mask recipe and had to share it here. You know the motto of this site is "Great skin is just a kitchen away" - and out of all face mask recipes on this site, this one embodies what I mean.

Caffeine keeps your brain awake, true. It is a stimulant, remember? The same stimulant properties are true when it comes to facial care. When applied on skin, it penetrates it to improve circulation and leave the appearance of freshness.

Coffee face mask recipe requires you to have a bit of coffee and milk, that's it. This is how to make it:

Coffee Facial Mask for Clear Skin

I've recently gotten into the caffeine craze. Remember, caffeine has been indicted to the skincare hall of fame. Naturally, I just had to play around with it. And so, I've come up with this wonderfully scrumptious facial mask. It works wonders on my skin. I can really see the difference after the mask. My skin actually glows and it was baby smooth to the touch. Absolutely delightful!! Plus the aromatic coffee scent lingers long after the mask is removed. Another plus point, you're actually using used finely ground coffee, simply collect the used coffee after your morning coffee.


3 tablespoons of used finely ground coffee

A small glass of milk


1) Add the used finely ground coffee into a bowl. Stir in milk until it achieves a think texture. Mix the ingredients till well blended. Try not to make the paste too diluted or it'll be runny and it's gonna be messy during application. If mixture becomes too runny, simply add a little more coffee into it.

2) When ready, apply the paste onto your face and neck and smooth it out all over your face. Avoid eyes and lips.

3) Slowly massage the mixture to your skin and relax for 20 mins.

4) While washing off the mask, slowly massage the paste to your skin. It acts further as an exfoliator. Don't massage too hard if you have sensitive skin

5) Pat dry face and apply moisturizer while skin is still damp to seal in moisture

Try it, you won't regret it. Remember not to scrub your skin too hard with the coffee grounds though.

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Making a coffee face mask recipe is not the only way to use coffee or caffeine in skin care recipes. When used as a cellulite scrub, caffeine works to pull the fluids out of the spaces between the fat cells thus diminishing the appearance of cellulite. There is also some evidence that it has a positive effect on the fat cells themselves.

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