Dry Skin?

by Richard Phillimore
(Moscow, Russia)

I have been suffering from persistent red blotches on my forehead, temples and cheeks. Recently these have also appeared here and there on my upper body.

They have the appearance of "raw" skin which has not healed after a craze. They are not large but I have clusters on my temples. The appearance is of "red raw" skin and they itch.

I visited a local day clinic (I live in Moscow, Russia) and the staff said "it's just very dry skin", caused by sun damage. They applied "liquid dry ice" (on two occasions) and told me to apply daily treatment of a commercially available moisturizer.

I have been doing this faithfully for two months with absolutely no result. Any suggestions please?

Hi Richard,

The best recipe I can share with you can be found here and it contains beeswax among other things. Beeswax is added to help lock in the moisture provided by other ingredients in the recipe. By locking in the moisture, it allows for the skin to be moisturized deeper and longer.

I hope this helps,
Biljana, admin

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