Skin conditions - Eczema cause, symptoms, home remedies, and treatments

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, eczema is present in 3% of the population. Also known as dermatitis, it is an inflammation of the upper layers of the skin. The most common symptom is redness, accompanied by drying and itching, blistering and oozing.



The exact cause is unknown, but there are several things that can trigger it. One of them is heredity. Atopic dermatitis, for example, is known to run in the family with history of asthma and allergic reaction. Also, environmental factors such as wind and humidity, can worsen the condition significantly. Although stress does not cause it, it can worsen it also. Use of cleaning agents such as detergents and soaps may also affect it.


Atopic dermatitis or atopic type is one of the best known types. Atopical means that it runs in the families with the history of it.

Contact dermatitis can be a manifestation of an allergic reaction, or a reaction to an irritant (detergent for example).

Xerotic ecema is a dry skin condition so severe that it turns into dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis is known as cradle cap in babies or as dandruff in adults.

It usually occurs before the age of 25, and can affects babies. When an infant is affected, it is called Infantile eczema.

Not only it affects baby's scalp, baby it can cause rash and redness on the baby's body. It is known to be affecting up to 20% of all babies in the United States.

Dyshidriotic type affects mostly hands and feet.

The dryness of the skin is best treated with moisturizers and creams. The more moisture applied, the better. Coconut and jojoba oils are great emolients.

As an alternative, corticosteroids might be applied to relieve the itching and the rash. Medications like antihistamines might help with relieve the itch.

There are other home remedies available.

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