Essential oils list - Essential oils most commonly used in homemade skin care

An essential oils list is a handy list to have in order to mix up recipes properly. Knowing which oil does what and what to be aware of, the effects you can expect multiply.

Essential oil recipes are widely used in both skin care recipes as well as skin remedies. Their effects are strong and depending on what you are trying to focus on, can be used in many different, potent combinations.

essential oil recipes

Essential oils are not to be used in their pure state. Diluting oils from this essential oils list in carrier oils will make them ready to be used in massage or general skin care.

This essential oils list will help you determine which effect you want and what each oil can do for your skin.

Some of the words you will see on this essential oils list include:


An astringent is an agent that has the capacity to cut off the blood flow, which means that the skin becomes smoother and firmer. It firms up the texture of the skin and improves its appearance.


An emollient is an agent that smooths and softens the skin.

Essential oil use chart

Check out this essential oils list often as I will be updating it regularly.

Essential Oil What it is/what it does Precautions
Ajowan Improves circulation and relieves muscle pain Use sparingly on sensitive skin
Angelica Restores and strenghtens Not to be used in sun
Armoise Muscle relaxant, emollient Don't use if pregnant
Basil Soothing, muscle relaxant, toner To be used sparingly
Bay Stimulates and energizes Can cause skin irritation
Bergamot Conditioner, antiseptic, soothes Phototoxic
Black pepper Muscle relaxant /
Camphor muscle relaxant, soothing, conditioner Don't use it if pregnant or epileptic
Cananga skin conditioner /
Carrot seed musle relaxant, soothing, conditioner /
Cedarwood Virginia Antiseptic, conditioner, soothing /
Chamomile Moroc/Roman conditioner, muscle relaxant /
Cinnamon Bark conditioner, anti-inflammation Can cause skin irritation
Ciary Sage Conditioner, astringent, soothing, muscle relaxant Don't use if pregnant, don't drink or drive
Clove Bud Muscle relaxant, soothing Can cause skin irritation
Coconut Emolient, soothing To be used sparingly
Coriander Muscle relaxant, soothing To be used sparingly
Cumin Stimulates Can cause skin irritation
Cypress antiseptic, soothing, astringent, skin conditioner Flammable
Eucalyptus Antiseptic, soothing, conditioner /
Evening Primrose Used for dry skin and eczema /
Fennel (sweet) muscle relaxant, soothing, antiseptic To be used sparingly
Geranium Skin refreshner and muscle relaxant /
Ginger Astringent /
Grapefruit Soothing, conditioner, astringent /
Jasmin emollient, soothing and antiseptic /
Jojoba emollient, soothing and healing /
Juniper detoxifies skin, soothing and astringent Flammable
Lavender muscle relaxant, soothing, conditioner and astringent /
Lemon soothing and antiseptic /
Lime Soothing, conditioner, astringent /
Mandarin soothing, astringent and conditioner /
Myrtle soothing, conditioner, astringent and muscle relaxant /
Neroli emollient and antiseptic /
Nutmeg soothing for irritated skin, antiseptic and muscle relaxant To be used sparingly
Orange soothing, astringent, conditioner /
Patchouli anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic /
Peppermint emollient, muscle relaxant, antiseptic Can cause skin irritation
Pine antiseptic Can cause skin irritation
Rose Absolute skin conditioner /
Rose Otto astringent /
Rosemary muscle relaxant Do not take if pregnant or have high blood pressure
Sage soothing Don't use if pregnant or have epilepsy
Sandalwood emollient, antiseptic, astringent, conditioner, soothing /
Spearmint astringent, emollient, muscle relaxant, soothing To be used sparingly
Tea Tree antiseptic Can cause irritation to sensitive skin
Thyme Toner and antiseptic Can cause skin irritation
Vanilla emolient /
Yiang-Yiang reduces stress and tension /
Zanthoxylum reduces stress and tension /

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