Face exercise - Grimace your way to a more toned skin

It is no wonder face exercise has gained such success recently. Although it's been around a while, it has only been recently that it proved to be one of the best natural skin care tactics for healthier, more toned looking skin.

The reason it is so popular is simple: it can be done anywhere, anytime, and at absolutely no investment - except a bit of your time every day.

No creams, and no skin care recipes for that matter, will do much difference if the deeper layers of the skin structure are not taken care of. Underlying muscles support the skin providing smoothness and firmness. If those muscles are not exercised, just like other body muscles, their tonus weakens and the skin becomes loose.

I love this image because it describes perfectly how silly you might feel when you start doing these exercises. But, who cares! Once you start doing them regularly, they'll become familiar and a part of your routine. And once you start seeing the results, all the silliness will go away!

This regimen is versatile, it can target any part of the face and neck, depending on what you want to focus on. Browse the techniques below and choose the one that will suite your needs the best.

Remember: Be persistent, do it regularly, and you'll see great results!

Face exercises, face tightening exercises

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