Facial Elixir for Mature Skin

by Susan

3/4-oz. Almond Oil
1/4-oz. Rice Bran Oil
3 Drops EO Sandalwood, 4 Drops EO Frankincense, 2 Drops Rose Absolute (I like damask or Bulgarian)
2 Drops Vit. E Oil

In either a sterilized glass Pyrex measuring cup or beaker, combine & gently blend (by softly twirling around) almond & rice bran oils. Then add the EO's & absolute, and finish with addition of Vit. E.

Pour in small blue or amber bottle, and keep refrigerated. Apply about 3 drops once a day, nightly, after toning step but before final moisturizing stage. Gently tap oil into skin.

May also be added to facial packs/masks, about 2 drops.

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