Getting rid of acne - Common myths

The topic of getting rid of acne is filled with information. The problem is, much of the information are myths that are not true.

There is no miracle cure for acne, but there are many home treatments available that you can try to help you find just the right way of getting rid of acne for you.

No one likes acne but it affects many people of all ages. It is most commonly seen in teenagers but adults suffer from it as well. Hormones play a large part in the occurrence of acne which is why it most often occurs during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

It is easier to know how to approach the problem if you know the truth behind the many myths you hear about the causes of acne. Here are a few to consider:

Myth #1: Acne is caused by dirt, so washing your face frequently is one way of treating acne.

The truth is, acne is not caused by dirt it is actually a condition that affects the oil glands. It is a result of things that are happening within the body not lack of cleanliness. Keeping your skin clean is certainly beneficial to remove acne, but it is not the cause.

Myth #2: Acne is cause by eating too much chocolate

This is one of the most common myths with regard to acne. Teens everywhere believe that acne can be prevented by avoiding chocolate at all costs! Not true. Much research has been done to prove that chocolate does not cause acne. A healthy diet is beneficial and may prove to be helpful in getting rid of acne but avoiding particular foods will not change the outcome.

Myth #3: The sun will cure acne

Copious amounts of time have been spent in the sun by teens eager to rid themselves of an acne breakout. While tanning may make blemishes appear less obvious, the acne itself remains unchanged. In fact, spending a lot of time in the sun can cause the skin to dry and increase the number of dead skin cells. This may actually result in more clogged pores.

Common Sense Treatments

The best way to rid your skin of acne is to use common sense. Incorporate a skin care regimen into your daily life that is tailored to your particular skin type and acne type. If your acne is mild you may not need to consult a dermatologist, but if it is severe that should be your first step to avoid scaring and long term problems. Once you know the nature of your particular case of acne you can then incorporate a daily skin care routine to fit your needs.

In almost every case as skin care routine for getting rid of acne should include these steps. First cleanse your skin on a regular basis with an appropriate cleanser. Choose a cleanser for your particular skin type and type of acne. Next, exfoliate two to three times a week using an appropriate mask. Avoid scrubbing the skin as this may cause the oil glands to become more active. Third, moisturize, again choose a moisturizer appropriate to your type of skin and condition. And lastly, steam your face once a week for a deep cleaning.

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