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As with general skin care, hair care should be taken seriously. Natural hair care homemade recipes enhance the quality of hair, leaving the shaft shiny, rid of chemicals and wonderfully voluminous.

Whether you have greasy, volume-free hair, dry, damaged hair, or simply want to boost the hailthy hair, hair care recipes are the way to go.

Beautiful, healthy hair is a symbol of health and good hygiene but not only that. Hair is so much more. Why is it that some people have naturally beautiful, full volume hair while others have to suffer with thin, brittle hair? Those who do, know that it is difficult to find just the right ingredient. It comes as no surprise then that hair thining and hair loss herbal remedies are gaining popularity.

To fully understand how to take care of hair, we must understand what it is made of, how it grows.
Each hair is made of dead, keratinized cells that are held together. The shaft of a hair is what we see on the surface. The root is hidden inside the skin and surrounded by a hair follicle. The oil glands surround the hair root and provide the layer that protects it.

How fast does hair grow? Each hair follicle goes through two stages of growth:

Growth stage

The cells multiply and die. New cells are added to the hair root making the hair longer.

Resting stage

Comes after the growth stage. Old hair roots fall out and are replaced by the new hair follicle.

Scalp hair grows for 2 to 6 years and then rests for 3 months. At any time, around 85% of scalp hairs are growing.

Normal hair loss is about 100 hairs a day. Many factors like illness, age, genetics, stress, nutrition, excessive usage of hair products etc. can alter the speed of hair loss.

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