Homemade lotion recipes

Homemade lotion recipes are made from natural agents and do not contain any kind of harmful or chemical components.

Used after a shower or bath, they provide nutrients necessary for healthy skin maintenance. They moisturize and keep the skin supple.

homemade lotion recipesThere are many instructions out there on how to make homemade lotion and they all require an emollient or an ingredient that smooths and softens the skin. This can be an essential oil, beeswax or butter. Generally, body lotions can also be used as hand lotions.

Dry skin body lotion recipe

2 tbsp Castor oil;
1 tbsp cod liver oil;
1 cup of mineral oil;
4 tbsp of lecithin

Mix all these in a blender. Then take 2 tbsp of gelatin and soak in 1/2 cup of cold water for some time.

After this, place the gelatin in 1/2 cup of boiling water. After some time, strain the gelatin and add to the blender. Blend to make fine lotion.

Don't throw away gelatin water. It can be used for making other type of lotions.

When we say dry skin, we mean hard, flaking and rough skin. Use this lotion daily. Store in air tight container. For more ideas, check out dry skin lotion recipes and lotion bar recipe.

In addition, aloe vera / lemon juice can also be added.

Sunscreen Body Lotion

Buy lotion base from cosmetic shops or wholesale market. Amount depends upon how much you would want to store. Add rose water, carrot oil, and essential oils into the bottle. Shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients properly. Apply this lotion anywhere in the body before going out into the sun,

Violet and Almond Oil Lotion

Place some violet leaves and violet flowers in a pan. Cover these herbs with almond oil. For about 6 hours, let the mixture steep. The heat helps in transfusing the essence of the violet leaves and almond oil into each other. After 6 hours, remove the mixture from fire. Allow it to cool a bit. After some time, strain the mixture into a clean bottle and add 1.5 ounce of beeswax. Mix the contents until its creamy. If its not getting creamy, then little more almond oil. Store anywhere and use whenever you want.

Lotion For soft Skin

In a cup of milk, soak a cup of dried chamomile. After some time, strain the liquid. In the liquid, blend tbsp of honey and 8 tbsp of wheat germ. Blend to create a fine mixture. Store in clean container and in the refrigerator.

Orange and Cocoa Butter Lotion

In a blender, add 2 oz of orange juice, 2 oz of warm olive oil, 1 oz of melted cocoa butter, and 4 drops of essential oil. Blend all these together to form smooth paste and store in air tight and clean container.

All the homemade lotion recipes should be stored in refrigerator after each use. Otherwise, the lotion will turn bad due to the growth of bacteria in them because they do not have any preservatives as other lotion do. Use them within a week or if the lotion remains, do not use it after a week!

For additional instructions, visit body lotion preparation video.

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