Homemade soap recipe -Simple, easy, kid and skin friendly

by Kelda

If you're looking for a fun, easy to make homemade soap recipe, Kelda shares a great one below. You can make it with your kids, get them involve and have fun with all the great ingredients in it.

Thanks for the recipe!

I make this for my little ones; it's enough for 1 bar of soap.


4oz goats milk soap base melted in double boiler (chop it up finely it will melt easier) or in micro safe container at 30 sec intervals in microwave.

2tbls of raw natural honey

2-3 oz of raw oatmeal. You can chop it in a blender or I leave mine whole so my son can see the pieces.

You can choose to color your soap with soap coloring from craft store or add a few drops of essential oils. For such a small soap just a few drops will do but I love the smell with out but do add color because my kids like it.


Melt the soap base then add the honey while it's warm. Then add the oatmeal and any scents or colorants if you chose.

Pour into a soap mold or a small loaf pan. You can change the ratios for larger batches but I like to have my soap fresh and it cuts down on having to store it.

I make mine in a muffin pan I have designated for soap making only I just coat the pan with a layer of petroleum jelly to make the bars come out easier.

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