Itchy pubic hair area. :(

by Davi
(Prince George BC Canada)

It has been many months now, my pubic area itches like crazy. :*( I wake up in the middle of the night scratching my pubic area. I wash it well every day, twice a day... when I awake, before I go to sleep... I shower and scrub to no avail.

Head & Shoulder shampoo worked very briefly, I've even waxed, hoping it would work, but it still itches down there... No, I've never broken skin down there, but it itches so much I would almost. What else can it be?


I don't want to guess on this one neither would I want to recommend any home remedies. My best advice is to go and see an obgyn. Sorry I couldn't be of any help, but this doesn't sound naive. All the best, I hope you solve the problem!

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Sep 29, 2009
This works
by: Anonymous

Try Benadryl cream. It is good. If you cannot find the same brand, it contains Diphenhydramine hydrochloride Ph Eur 1%, Camphor Ph Eur 0.1%, Zinc Oxide Ph Eur 8%.
This is good for the pubic hair area and also severe insect bites.

Aug 04, 2009
could this be it?
by: Anonymous

If the itchiness is only on the external skin (not inside the labia majora), it could be genital eczema. Yeah, it can be limited to only this region. I get this occasionally. My doctor had me use a hydrocotisone cream, but I'm wondering if there might be a natural remedy for eczema.

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