Mayonnaise for skin care

by Leigh Linde
(South Africa)

I have read an article about mayonnaise that you can use on your skin as an homemade peeler. What is the danger to it, and is it alright to use it only once in a blue moon?

I don't tan at all, and i do have a fair skin.

Please help before it is too late!


Hi Leigh,

As far as I know, mayonnaise is most often used in preparation of homemade masks for dry skin. If you are allergic to eggs, don't use any masks that have eggs or masks that contain mayonnaise as it can cause an allergy. If you are allergy free, you can use it as the directions state, or use it once or twice a week, just enough to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Here's an alternative recipe for a homemade facial peel that you might find helpful.

I hope this helps,

Biljana, admin

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