Milk based skin care - Cleopatra's Milk Bath and yogurt body pack

Milk based skin care has been around for a long time. Milk is full of ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

After intense physical exercise, for example, our muscles create lactic acid which dissolves the bond that holds dead cells of the skin, penetrate the skin's deepest layers and thus help its nutrition. Lactic acid is a kind of Alpha Hydroxy Acids - (AHA). Well known brands like Clarins, Clinique, Dior use this process when creating products based on milk.

Milk contains vitamins A and E known to have a positive effect on the complexion. After using it on the face, the skin looks rested.

The proteins contained in milk, smooth the skin, and enzymes help its rejuvenation.Milk containing a high percent of milk fat is a good way to go in helping dry skin regain its moisture.

As a rule, if you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant, do not use it. Also, if you are diabetic, it is not desirable to take long, hot baths.

Cleopatra's milk bath.

Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, has been credited as the founder of milk based skin care. One of the best known recipes is the milk bath she made famous. There are many variations on the recipe, but it all boils down to adding either milk or butter milk to a bath. It is recommended that you use milk with a higher percent of fat as it helps the effect: making the skin feel smooth and silky. You can add as much as 5 cups of milk/buttermilk (also, you can add jojoba oil, about a teaspoon), and then soak for about 30 minutes. Rub the skin using a washcloth or simply rinse off.

A variation of this recipe is Cleopatra's face mask recipe.

Yogurt Based Body Pack

The biggest benefit of yogurt is its rich in protein and Vitamin B, and the abundance of lactic acid that combined, leave the skin smooth and soft.

Mix 7oz of yogurt with a teaspoon of wheat germ and apply to the whole body. Let it rest for 10 minutes or so and rinse off with cold water.

Also, you can mix in some yogurt and oatmeal and apply it to face and just rinse off when dry.

Our reader Yolanda sent us another great milk based recipe.

Fermented Milk Bath

One of the best home treatments that I have personally used is - Bathing in extremely fermented whole milk. The milk must be allowed to curdle.

1/2 gallon of this added to a warm bath and soaking in this for at least 20 minutes will give the smoothest and silkiest skin imaginable. Far superior to a mere milk bath. This solution softens the skin more effectively than loofah scrubbing or dry brushing.

Thanks Yolanda!

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