Moisture Stick by Deep Steep

by Gail

This review is for the Moisture Stick by Deep Steep. This is a great, vegan ingredients and paraben free! Slightly larger than a normal chapstick, it is still small enough to fit in your purse or pocket for whenever you need moisturizing. The moisture stick is semi solid in it's tube but "melts" when it comes in contact with your skin so it goes on like an oil. But it's not super greasy, just rub it in well and it absorbs pretty quickly. It's a multitasking product, can be used on hands, cuticles, dry elbows and even your lips. I no longer carry a lip balm and a little tube of lotion in my bag because the stick does it all! At night, I sometimes use on my eyes to soften the skin around them, it's gentle and not irritating at all to that delicate area. I keep them all over the house...on my nightstand, in the bathroom, in the end table drawer. And they smell great! My favorites are the Tangerine Melon and Honeydew Spearmint.

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