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This oily face tip sent to us by Phyllis contains only one ingredient: a tomato.

Tomato is a wonderful ingredient to use if your face needs moisture boost, as in refreshing tomato facial mask. Its acids are gentle on the skin, yet powerful enough to reduce the greasiness.

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oily face tip

I have an oily face and so i use the pulp of fresh tomato (peel to remove the skin) and apply in my face for 15mins. Usually before I shower in the morning and it kind of show a reduction in the greasiness on my face especially the T-zone. It works on continuous application.

Thanks Phyllis!

Although this recipe is perfect as it is, you can always add more ingredients for even better absorbtion of grease. Oatmeal, for example is often used in problem and oily skin because it is a cleanser but also absorbs impurities. Simply mash the tomato with enough oatmeal to create a paste. Wash off and pat dry.

If your skin is prone to acne, zits or outbreaks, try combining the flesh of a ripe tomato with a couple of strawberries. Mash this together and smear on face. Be sure you are not wearing new clothes, this mix is quite liquid. Again, let it rest on the face and wash off with luke warm water. Pat dry or let it dry off naturally.

After using a tomato mask, you will notice your skin feeling tighter. This is because tomato is an astringent or skin tightener.

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