Oily skin toner recipe for healthy and radiant skin

Oily skin toner is an addition to an overall good skin care routine.

Toner for oily skin not only tones the skin to expose the healthy, elastic skin, it also cleanses the impurities that might remain after skin care steps such as prevention of oily skin, facial steam and facial cleanser.

Recipes For Skin Toner - Best Natural Ingredients For Delightfully Fragrant Facial Tonics

Recipes for skin toner are available dime a dozen over the internet and in beauty magazines but very few people know about the actual ingredients which go into the making of these toners. One of the best recipes for skin toner is perhaps essential oils.

Oily skin toners should be prepared out of lemon grass or juniper essential oils or witch hazel. Rosemary oil, sandal wood oil, rose water etc are ideal for dry skin. The commonest ingredients that go into the making of recipes for skin toner are witch hazel, rosemary, burdock root, nettle, sage, ivy, lemon, honey, geranium, pine, fruit extracts etc.

However toning is not a substitute for cleansing. You have to first clean your skin and then apply toner and when applying toner, you should make use of a cotton ball or you can choose to spray the toner on your face and neck with the help of a clean aerosol spray. In this article I shall provide a few tips on recipes for skin toner.

To prepare a watermelon toner you require 2 table spoonfuls of distilled water, 2 table spoonfuls of witch hazel and a cup of watermelon chunks. You have to first get hold of a food processor and puree the chunks of watermelon. Now discard the solid leftovers and pour out the red liquid after straining it.

Now you have to blend in all the ingredients together with the red juice, stir thoroughly and empty the mixture into a glass jar. You can use this refreshing vitamin rich toner whenever you like and it is suited for all skin types, but especially for normal to combination skin types.

You can also prepare apple toner out of either red apples or green apples by boiling together distilled water, witch hazel, and deseeded apple chunks with intact skin in a pan. After boiling for some time, you have to remove from heat and cool it off. Strain out the liquid and store it in a decanter bottle for future use.

All of these are wonderful recipes for skin toner.

STOP wasting money on over-priced, over-hyped, chemicals-filled skin products. Let me show you how you can make your recipes for skin toner.

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